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Kumail Abbas Zaidi | Sada Hai Ya Hussain | 2018 / 1440

Central Idea / Composed: Kumail Abbas Zaidi Poetry: Rehan Azmi Video Concept / Direction: Kumail Abbas Zaidi , Ali, Hassan & Rufi Audio Mixed & Mastered: Arif Jilani Video Footages: Imam Ali a.s Holy Shrine, Ashura, Zainab TV and Karbala TV. Sana Khawan: Syed Kumail Abbas Zaidi Noha : Noha - Har Lab Pe Yeh Sada Hai Ya Hussain A.s - Kumail Abbas Zaidi - 2018 Audio Rec : 786 STUDIO team Video Rec: HAD Production. Release : Ajareresalat.com Subcribe To Our Channel Noha Lyrics Who is Hussain A.s Imam Hussain a.s ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (Arabic: الحسين ابن علي ابن أبي طالب‎‎; (3 Sha'aban AH 4 (in the ancient (intercalated) Arabic calendar) – 10 Muharram AH 61) (his name is also transliterated as Hussain ibn 'Alī, Husain, Hussain and Hussein), was a grandson of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and son of Ali ibn Abi Talib (the first Shia Imam and the fourth Rashid caliph of Sunni Islam), and Muhammad's daughter, Fatimah. He is an important figure in Islam as he was a member of the Bayṫ (Arabic: بَـيـت‎, Household) of Muhammad, and Ahl al-Kisā' (Arabic: أَهـل الـكِـسَـاء‎, People of the Cloak), as well as being the third Shia Imam. Husayn ibn Ali became the Imam of Shia Islam after the death of his older brother, Hasan ibn Ali, in 670 (AH 50 AH). His father's supporters (Arabic: شِـيـعَـة عَـلِي‎, Shiaṫ 'Ali) in Kufah gave their allegiance to him. Hussain did not accept the request of Muawiyah for the succession of his son, Yazid I, and considered this action a breach of the Hasan–Muawiya treaty. Imam Hussain a.s is highly regarded by Shia Muslims for refusing to pledge allegiance to Yazid, the Umayyad caliph, because he considered the rule of the Umayyads unjust The annual memorial for him and his children, family and his companions is the first month in the Islamic calendar, that is Muharram, and the day he was martyred is the Ashura (tenth day of Muharram, a day of mourning for Shi'i Muslims). His action at Karbala fueled the later Shia movements. The martyrdom of Husayn was decisive in shaping Islamic and Shia history. The timing of the Imam's life and martyrdom were crucial as they were in one of the most challenging periods of the 7th century. During this time, Umayyad oppression was rampant, and the stand the Imam and his followers took became a symbol of resistance inspiring future uprisings against oppressors. ---------------------------------------------------- YouTube Keywords imam hussain, imam hussain roza, imam hussain ki shahadat, imam hussain ka waqia, imam hussain story, imam hussain qawali, imam hussain song, imam hussain movie, imam hussain shahadat, 06 qawali imam hussain, imam hussain 10 muharram, masaib imam hussain 10 muharram, roza imam hussain 10 muharram, majlis imam hussain 10 muharram, ziyarat imam hussain 15 shaban, ziyarat imam hussain 15th shaban, ziyarat e imam hussain 15 shaban, ziyarat imam hussain 19 ramzan, manqabat imam hussain 2018, chehlum imam hussain 2017, jashn e imam hussain 2018, qasida imam hussain 2018, majlis imam hussain 2018, safeer e imam hussain imam hussain karbala roza imam hussain 360, hazrat imam hussain, hazrat imam hussain ki shahadat, hazrat imam hussain ka roza mubarak, hazrat imam hussain ka waqia, hazrat imam hussain roza mubarak, hazrat imam hussain karbala, hazrat imam hussain ki shahadat ka waqia, hazrat imam hussain ki qabar mubarak, hazrat imam hussain ka roza, hazrat imam hussain 10 muharram,