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Noha - Sughra Di Kasam Taeku Wal Aa Tu Veer Akbar a.s - Kumail Abbas Zaidi - 2018

Subcribe To Our Channel. Noha Khawan: Syed Kumail Abbas Zaidi 2018 Kalam : Mehdi Zaair Noha : Sughra Di Kasam Taeku Wal Aa Tu Veer Akbar a.s Audio Rec : 786 STUDIO team. Video Rec: HAD Production. Release : Ajareresalat.com Noha Lyrics Akbar Teri Chawa Mein Taqdeeya Teriya Raawa. Sughra Dee Qasim Taaqoo Weeleea Tu Veer Akbar a.s Nanee De Roze Tee Main Terde Kharan Mangdi Paiyaeen. Sughra Di Qasim Taaqoo Weeleea Tu Veer Akbar a.s 1) Hay Chaalii Ghara De Vich Main Kaali Waadi Neebhesan. Chachee Ka Naam Akbar Har Waale Pai Sundesaan. Babbe De Bajjo Veeran Sooni Sooni Heen Raawa. 2) Baabe Bholaya Maakoon Chachee Bholaya Maakoon. Dardee Dil Maareeda Khaara Sunnawa Teekoon. Wassda Raahween too Akbar Main Karni a Ro Ro Duawaa. 3) Daaseya Na Meekon Aaeve Waasti Khaeri Basaii. Leekhi Muqaadaran Na Malik Na Aae Juddai . Beemar Sughra Ro waae Akbar Too Murr Nahe Aawaaa. 4) Roze Tee Mustafa SAW Dee Karni aa Paii Duaawaa. Qasim Dee Laai Duaawaa Tee Asghar Dee Laai Duaawaa. Aasan Karee Nanaa Main Taakdeeiya Raandiya Raawaa. 5) Noha Main Kiya Sunawa Zaair Qaayamata Daa. Khaandee Raee Ro Kar Darda De Maaree Sughra. Dee Too Kumail Pursa Hay Daande Rae Sadawaa. Sughra Dee Qasim Taaqoo Weeleea Tu Veer Akbar a.s Nanee De Roze Tee Main Terde Kharan Mangdi Paiyaeen. ------------------------------------------------------ Bibi Sughra Story Part 1 (Part 2 in Comments Box) Fatema Sugra bint Husain was the eight-year old daughter of the early Islamic Imam Husayn ibn Ali. It is believed that this daughter was ill and left behind at Medina when he took part in the battle of Karbala (680). There are two other daughter of Imam Husayn who were with him at Karbala: Sakinah (Fatema Kubra) and Rukayya (also called Sakinah). "The journey for Karbala started on 28th Rajab,60A.H., From Madina to Mecca. The hero of this first journey was Imam Hussain and the heroine was the memory of Fatima Sughra, his daughter whom he had left behind. When every body doing preparation for journey, Fatima Sugra watched lying in bed, too ill even to get up. No one was saying anything about her going. She decided to wait till her father’s return. She lay on bed praying that her father would agree to take her."Ya Allah! Do not separate me from my father! How can I live alone, without my little brother Asghar? Ya Allah, let my father agree to take me with him. I do not want to be left alone in Medina. Just then she heard her father’s foot-steps. She quickly wiped away the tears from her eyes, propped herself into a sitting position and put on a brave smile to convince her father that she was well enough to travel. Imam Hussain sat on the bed, put his hand on Sugra head and said, "When you were born, my dear. I named you after my mother Fatima Zehra. You look know that your grand mother was also known as Saabira, which means the patient one. I want you also to be a saabira and agree to stay in Madina with Ummul Baneen (Hazrat Abbas’s mother) and Umme Salmah. Will you do that? What could Sugra say? She nodded her head fighting back her tears. Imam kissed her and left the room. YouTube Keywords vichora noha, vichora punjabi noha ali akbar noha, ali akbar noha 2018, ali akbar noha 2017, mere bhaiya ali akbar noha, dua karna ali akbar noha, azan e ali akbar noha, ali akbar e laila noha, noha haye ali akbar e hussain, nohay janab e ali akbar, noha aye ali akbar, noha hazrat ali akbar, ali akbar hussain noha, ali akbar ho kaha noha, hae hae ali akbar noha, hai hai ali akbar noha lyrics, ali ali akbar noha in urdu, noha janabe ali akbar, ali akbar jawan noha, ali akbar ka janaza noha, qurban jafri noha ali akbar, ali akbar ka noha, ali akbar ki azan noha, ali ali akbar ali ali urdu noha lyrics, noha mola ali akbar, mola ali akbar noha 2017, ali akbar new noha, noha on ali akbar, noha of hazrat ali akbar, noha shahzada ali akbar, ali akbar a.s noha, shahadat ali akbar noha, saraiki noha ali akbar, ali akbar teri azan noha, ali ali ali akbar ali ali noha in urdu,